This is how we work…
We invite the best Cuban dance teachers for workshops. Our Stockholm Cuban percussion team plays live. We often invite guest percussionists to play, as well as our own famous Cuban dance teacher Diasmanin Silva Semanat who co-teaches. Our photographer takes pictures and films our workshops. We always ask before we start dancing if anyone wants be outside the camera.
Please tag us and our photographer whenever you use or post the photos!
Photos and films: ©Sara Lüdtke/Rieback Dance

Here are some photos from our first workshop in 2016. Just to give you an idea of how we work, the dance space and the atmosphere…

We just want to inspire you! Welcome!
/Lotta Rieback – founder of Rieback Dance

Below an example of a video from our past workshops:
You find all past workshops with videos to the right on this page.

Photos and videos may be used for non-commercial purposes with photo cred.

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