Alfredo García – Sept 2016

Alfredo García 2016 Foto: Sara Lüdtke
Alfredo García González with workshop dancers.
©Rieback Dance/Sara Lüdtke

Alfredo García González
10-11 September 2016

Afro-Cuban workshop with Alfredo García González 10-11 September 2016, Stockholm.
He has danced in Folklórico Conjunto Nacional de Cuba and Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal and is, as many of you know, a rarely knowledgeable, inspiring and enthusiastic teacher.

This weekend focused on technical skills and the different dance styles of Arará, Congo and Yoruba.
Saturday 10 September we focused on orishas: Eleggua, Oyá, Oshún and Shangó. We had live percussion by Juan Carlos Sierra Hernandez, Chiqui Dixon and a fantastic guest: Danel Osmin who is in Stockholm to tour with the Swedish-Cuban dance company Somos.
Sunday 11 September we focused on Afro contemporáneo, arará and palo.

Alfredo left us a message after the weekend:
“Chicas, no tengo palabras para describir el pasado fin de semana. Ustedes si tienen el deseo, la pasion y las ganas de bailar afrocubano. Your energy, your knowledge, your style is oustanding. I really enjoyed every second i spent with you and we definitely gonna repeat it, because with people like you is more than fun to work with. I can easily say to the whole World, to watch out for the Scandinavian countries, because you girl have the power to prove it. Gracias a todos los que participaron en este pequeno y lindo evento. Mil bendiciones a todos. /Alfredo”

Film from the workshop. Photo: Sara Lüdtke/Rieback Dance

Film for promoting the workshop in Stockholm. Photo: Sara Lüdtke/Rieback Dance

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