Alfredo García Nov 2018

Alfredo García González

24-25 November 2018

Foto: Sara Lüdtke

It’s been a while – too long! – but now we have the great pleasure of welcoming back the brilliant Alfredo García Gonzalez to Stockholm! Below you can get a taste of what we did the last time.

Alfredo’s deep knowledge and desire to share it with you, along with his great teaching skills and attention to details, will help you a long way in developing your own dance and proficiency.

Saturday we dedicate to the YORUBA ORISHAS (deities), with live music by Euro rumba ashé!

We start with Elegguá who owns all roads, crossroads and doors. Without his help nothing is possible. He is the messenger between heaven and earth, and is said to be present everywhere and at all times, watching us humans and all our actions. He is generally represented as a child, mischievous and playful.

We go on with Oyá, a fierce and powerful female warrior. She keeps the gates of the cemetery and controls the dead. She is mistress of the storms and lightning (centellas) and dances wielding her black iruke and when she goes to war her machete.

We finish the day with Changó, a real he-man! He is master of lightning, thunder and fire, as well as drums and dancing and male virility, and considered a king in the yoruba religion. When he dances he brings down the lightnings to his crotch to show his strength and virility!

Sunday you will have the chance to dance Cuban contemporary! Alfredo has a solid training from the National school of art in Cuba (ENA) and has worked in several dance companies in Germany as well as Ballets Jazz Montreal. It’s recommendable, but not requiered, that you have some experience from for instance contemporary or jazz, to make the most of the class. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Then we go back to yoruba with the orisha Obbatalá, father of all the orishas and all humans, and master of all heads, as he was the one who molded the human bodies. He represents justice, peace and harmony and is a much respected and revered orisha.

We finish the day with arará , another religion and ethnic group, originating from the old kingdom of Dahomey, today’s Benin. We dance Gebioso who corresponds to Changó in yoruba, so you will have the opportunity to see and learn the difference in movement, musicality and expression.

To make the weekend complete, Saturday night there is a concert with LOS VAN VAN!

We can offer tickets to a reduced price (450 SEK), just let us know!



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Saturday 24 November

12.00-13.00 Elegguá

13.15-14.15: Oyá

15.30-16.30: Changó

Sunday 25 November

11.00-12.15 Contemporary

12.30-13.30: Obatalá

13.45-14.45: Gebioso (arará)

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