Hector Oviedo – Feb 2017


An Afro-Cuban dance explosion with one of Europe´s most sought after Cuban dance teachers – Hector Oviedo! Hector has been a member of Raíces profundas, Conjunto Folclórico Nacional och Yoruba Andabo, where he was both a dancer and choreographer for many years. Educated at ENA, (Escuela Nacional de Arte) and ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte), leader of the famous band Habana 7. Hector travels weekly all over the world as dance teacher and percussionist.

Photos and videos may be used for non-commercial purposes with photo cred.

This weekend he will lead you through Rumba and Afro-Cuban dances such as guaguancó och columbia, congo (yuca och palo), arará, Oggún och Oyá.
Rieback Cuban team member Diasmanin Silva Semanat will be co-teacher during the rumba.

Saturday 4 February
12.00-13.50 Rumba (Guaguancó + Columbia)
14.00-16.00 Congo (Yuca och palo)
Level: everyone

Sunday 5 February
12.00-15.00 Arará, Oggún+Oyá
Level: intermediate/advanced

Copyright:Mikhail Kargapoltsev 2016
Hector Oviedo dancing Oggun. Photo copyright: Mikhail Kargapoltsev 2016

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