Yorgenis Danger García 9-11 DECEMBER 2022


Just as promised Yorgenis “Yoyo” Danger García https://www.facebook.com/yorgenis.d.garcia is coming back in December!

FRIDAY – warming up with some fun and a bit challenging salsa con afro to get in the mood for some serious Afro-Cuban dancing!

SATURDAY – YORUBA We keep working with the same orishas as last time – Eleggua, Oggun and Oya – but with different toques (rhythms) and maybe adding a bit of singing – important!

ELEGGUA – He owns all roads, crossroads and doors and he can open or shut them as he pleases. Without his help nothing is possible. He is the messenger between heaven and earth, and is said to be present everywhere and at all times, watching us humans and all our actions. He is generally represented as a child, mischievous and playful. His colours are black and red, and in some cases black and white. His attribute is a forkshaped stick called garabato which he uses to clear the way.

OGGUN – one of the “guerreros” (warriors) together with Eleggua, Ochosi and Osun. He is master of all metals and minerals, in particular iron, and inventor of tools, weapons and technology. He lives in the wilderness and forested areas of the world, and is often portrayed as a solitary blacksmith or ironmonger or a fierceful warrior. His colours are green and black. He has a violent and brusque nature, but he also has a more peaceful side. Oggún is the patron of all those who work with metal, mechanics, engineers, policemen, soldiers, surgeons.

OYA – a fierce and powerful female warrior, although she can be feminine and seductive when she so wishes. She keeps the gates of the cemetery and controls the dead. She is mistress of the storms, whirlwinds and lightnings (centellas). She dances wielding her black iruke and when she goes to war her machete.


Paintings: Martin Ehrling https://www.facebook.com/martin.ehrling.98

SUNDAY it’s columbia time and then we bring out all our power and energy to finish with some palo!


VENUE: Konradsbergshallen Campus Konradsberg, Konradsbergsgatan 2B.


19.00-20.30 Salsa con afro


12.00-16.00 Yoruba – Eleggua, Oggún, Oyá


11.00-12.30 Rumba – Columbia

12.40-14.00: Bantú  Palo

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