About Rieback Dance

Understand the Afro-Cuban heritage and feel the energy

Charlotte RiebackAmbition and team
Rieback Dance aims to strengthen the Afro-Cuban dance scene in Sweden. We focus on deepening and broadening the understanding of Afro-Cuban dance and music tradition, arranging workshops in Stockholm, inviting only the best and most specialised Cuban dance teachers. Hand picked for every event.

Who is Charlotte Rieback?
Charlotte Rieback from Sweden started dancing Afro-Cuban in the 1990´s. Charlotte has travelled all through Europe and Cuba to explore and learn from the best and most experienced dancers in the Afro-Cuban tradition. Now it´s time to share the experience with others, she says:

“Dance is my passion. Afro-Cuban dance in particular, as it has such a rich heritage that spans over many religions, cultures and regional dance styles, like yoruba, congo, arará… It’s so vast and complex, and yet at the same time there is something very basic, “primitive” if you will, about the music and the rhythms that speaks to my inner being… I keep finding new challenges, still developing my dance and expression after 25 years. Now I want to share my knowledge and offer experienced dancers an opportunity to develop even further, and introduce beginners to this rich and fascinating world.”

Who can dance with Rieback Dance?
Everyone! Both beginners and advanced dancers. Check every upcoming workshop – we sometimes have different levels for every event. Take the opportunity to come and see the beautiful Stockholm as all workshops are held here.

Dance studios we use
We generally dance in the professional dance studios at School of Dance and Circus, Sweden’s highest seat of learning and research in the art of dance and circus, occasionally switching to other dance studios, always with the best conditions.

Live music
We are happy to be able to cooperate with the Sweden-based Cuban band Euro Rumba Ashé  and on occasion offer our students the opportunity to dance to live music and get that extra energy och feeling that you experience with the drums!

The film from our latest workshop

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