Leydis Teodoro Delis 18-19 January 2020

Leydis Teodoro Delis

18-19 January 2020

We have the great privilege and pleasure to start 2020 by welcoming the lovely and wonderfully talented Leydis Teodoro Delis to Stockholm for the first time!  Together with her we will pick up where we left off  with Yoyo last time and keep working with Oggun and Oshun. 

Just as last time the first hour both days will be basic, with focus on technique and understanding of rhythm and coordination.  A great opportunity for beginners to get a solid foundation and pick up the pace, and also very useful for those who are more advanced – it is always good to go back to the basics and you always have to keep working that torso, remember?

OGGUN – one of the “guerreros” (warriors) together with Eleggua, Ochosi and Osun. He is master of all metals and minerals, in particular iron, and inventor of tools, weapons and technology. He lives in the wilderness and forested areas of the world, and is often portrayed as a solitary blacksmith or ironmonger or a fierceful warrior. His colours are green and black. He has a violent and brusque nature, but he also has a more peaceful side. Oggún is the patron of all those who work with metal, mechanics, engineers, policemen, soldiers, surgeons.

OSHUN  – the mistress of all rivers and sweet waters. Her colours are yellow and gold. Her nature is seductive and sensual and she represents love, joy and sexuality. Her main attribute is a fan and she loves honey, which she uses to attract and seduce, together with her captivating laughter. But don’t be mistaken, she is a powerful orisha and can be vindictive when crossed!

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