Yorgenis “Yoyo” Danger García

15-17 February 2019

It’s with huge pleasure we invite you to a true Cuban dance weekend with one of our favourite dancers and teachers, Yorgenis Danger García!

“Yoyo” has loads of knowledge and enthusiasm and is committed to sharing that with you and help you on your way to plunge deeper into the Afro-Cuban culture and develop your dancing.

This time we start off FRIDAY NIGHT in a playful and energizing way with SALSA con AFRO, RUMBA y SON! A great way to kick off the weekend!

Saturday we start with Elegguá who owns all roads, crossroads and doors. Without his help nothing is possible. He is the messenger between heaven and earth, and is said to be present everywhere and at all times, watching us humans and all our actions. He is generally represented as a child, mischievous and playful. His colours are black and red, and in some cases black and white.

We go on with Yemayá, mistress of the sea, serious and powerful. Her dance represents the movements of the ocean, from calm and tranquil to huge waves hitting against the rocks. She is also the great mother figure, mother to all living things and her character is nurturing and protective. Her colour is different shades of blue with white and silver.

We finish the day with güiro, which is a different rhythm played not with batá drums but with one drum (tumbadora or conga), one guataca (cow bell) and three chekeré.   You can dance to all the different orishas with güiro, doing all the different steps that you do when you dance to batá drums. The rhythm stays the same, but the song changes.

Sunday we start with rumba – guaguancó, the playful game between man and woman where he tries to conquer her, with a “vacunao”, and she teases and seduces him and at the same time protects herself.

Then we go back to yoruba with the orisha Shangó, He is master of lightning, thunder and fire, as well as drums and dancing and male virility, and considered a king in the yoruba religion. When he dances he brings down the lightnings to his crotch to show his strength and virility! His colours are red and white (just as you can see in the photo of Yoyo).

We finish the day with palo, from the congo religion and culture. An extremely powerful and engaging dance where you work with the spirits of the dead and the earth, or go to war!

As always live music by Euro rumba ashé!

We also have a special treat SATURDAY NIGHT! To give a taste of “the real thing” and show you when it is you actually do these dances we are doing an authentic “TAMBOR” – a ceremony where you make offerings to the orishas and play, sing and dance for them. This is an opportunity not to be missed! More info when you sign up for the workshop!



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Friday 15 February

18.00-20.00 Salsa con afro, rumba y son – OBS! Studio Salsa Västmannagatan 46

Saturday 16 February

11.00-12.00 Elegguá

12.15-13.15: Yemayá

13.30-14.30: Güiro

Sunday 17 February

11.00-12.00 Rumba – guaguancó

12.15-13.15: Shangó

13.30-14.30: Congo – palo

Payment deadline 8 February:
SWISH +46 704164599
Plusgiro: 78 80 73-5 
(recipient: AB C Rieback. Don’t forget to write your name. Or we cannot guarantee your booking).
Overseas payment, please contact Charlotte Rieback: