Yorgenis Danger García 22-24 October 2021

Photo: Tovita Razzi

Finally! It is with great pleasure we welcome Yorgenis Danger García, “Yoyo”, back to Stockholm! We’ll have an exciting mix of salsa con afro, orishas, congo, rumba and bembé – just have a look at the schedule below! And we are extremely happy to have some live music again with Euro Rumba Ashé! https://www.facebook.com/eurorumbaasheoficial

This time we also offer the opportunity to take contemporary classes!


ELEGGUA – He owns all roads, crossroads and doors and he can open or shut them as he pleases. Without his help nothing is possible. He is the messenger between heaven and earth, and is said to be present everywhere and at all times, watching us humans and all our actions. He is generally represented as a child, mischievous and playful. His colours are black and red, and in some cases black and white. His attribute is a forkshaped stick called garabato which he uses to clear the way.

OSHUN  – the mistress of all rivers and sweet waters. Her colours are yellow and gold. Her nature is seductive and sensual and she represents love, joy and sexuality. Her main attribute is a fan and she loves honey, which she uses to attract and seduce, together with her captivating laughter. But don’t be mistaken, she is a powerful orisha and can be vindictive when crossed!

OBBATALA – The greatest and the most respected of the orishas. He is the father of many of the other orishas and he was the one who created the human beings and therefore he is the owner of all heads. He represents peace, purity and harmony, although there is one ”camino”, shape, of him who is a warrior when he needs to make justice. His colour is white and his attribute a white iruke. Sometimes he represents an old man and sometimes a young prince, and he can also be male or female.

SHANGO – A king and a leader, proud and dominant. He represents male beauty, virility and masculinity. He is the master of fire, thunder and lightning and war, but also music, drumming and dancing. His colours are red and white and his attribute a two-edged axe.

Paintings: Martin Ehrling

All classes will be held at Epic Studios, Rökerigatan 21 (Globen) https://www.facebook.com/epicsthlm

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Friday 22 October

18.30-19.30 Contemporary

19.30-21.00 Salsa con afro

Saturday 23 October 

10.00-10.55: Elegguabasic, focusing on tecnique

11.00-11.55 Oshun – güiro

12.00-12.50 Congo – palo

13.00-14.00 Obbatala

14.00-15.00 Contemporary 

Sunday 24 October

11.00-11.55 Rumba – Columbia

12.00-12.50: Shango

13.00-14.00: Bembé – a great way to finish the weekend!

Payment deadline 18 October 2021:
Plusgiro: 78 80 73-5
(recipient: AB C Rieback. Don’t forget to write your name, or we cannot guarantee your booking)

You can also pay by Swish: 1231100825

For overseas payment, please contact Charlotte Rieback: rieback@gmail.com

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