Jesús la Rosa Pérez November 2021

Jesús la Rosa Pérez

19-21 November 2021


Hugely proud to present an absolute star representant of the Afro-Cuban culture in Stockholm for the first time (officially!) – Jesús la Rosa Perez!  From Santiago de Cuba but now residing in Helsinki, where he has opened his own school Sentimiento Manana – check out his FB-page to get to know more about his extensive career: We are extremely fortunate to have him in our neighbouring country and be able to have him coming here to share his knowledge and talent with us!

This weekend we will focuse mainly on the Franco-Haitian tradition, taking advantage of Jesús expertise on the subject. Most people only know about the yoruba tradition and palo, but the Afro-Cuban culture is so vast and extensive that you can spend a lifetime getting to know it – which is precisely what Jesús has done. So take the chance to expand your knowledge and have fun!!

All classes will be held at Studio Salsa, Västmannagatan 46, Stockholm

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Friday 19 November

18.00-18.55 Franco-Haitiano – Gagá

19.00-19.55 Bantú/Congo – Makuta

20.00-21.00 Franco-Haitiano – Petró

Saturday 20 November 

12.00-12.55 Franco-Haitiano– masún

13.00-13.55 Franco-Haitiano – Vodú

14.05-15.00 Franco-Haitiano – Congo layé

15.05-16.00: Bembé de sao

Sunday 21 November

11.00-11.55 Rumba – Columbia

12.00-13.00: YorubaShango

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