Yoyo – April 2017

“YOYO” 29-30 April 2017

Photo: TimbaParaTi

Film and photos: Sara Lüdtke

RETURN OF A FAVOURITE! Yorgenis “Yoyo” Danger García will return to Stockholm for another magical dance weekend! We will dance to live music that gives that extra energy and inspiration and lifts the heart!

Saturday 29 APRIL
13.00-14.30 Rumba
14.30-15.15 Arará
15.15-16.00 Palo (Congo)
Level: everyone

Sunday 30 April
12.00-13.00 Eleguá
13-14 Ochosi
14-15 Oyá
Level: intermediate/advanced

New in the game? Here’s a short overview

* Rumba could be called the soul of Cuba. A secular, sensual – not to say sexual – and playful dance, where the man and the woman interact with each other. The woman entices the man with sensual, inviting movements and the man, improvising and showing off tries to trick her and “vacunar”, i.e “inject” her (get her pregnant) and she protects herself by covering her crotch with her skirt, her hand or a shawl.
* Orisha dances (from the Yoruba culture) on the other hand have a religious content. In these dances you dance for and represent a certain deity, such as Eleggua, the messenger between heaven and earth who opens and closes doorways and paths. Ochosi is the god of hunting, and Oyá is the keeper of the dead and lives at the entrance of the graveyard.
* Arará (from the ancient kingdom of Dahomey) is similar to the Yoruba religion, with more or less the same deities but with different names, and the music and instruments, as well as the movements differ.
* Palo (together with the secular dances yuka and makuta) has its origins in Congo and the Bantú people. Worshipping the dead and your ancestors is an all important part of the tradition, and the music and the dance are very intense, powerful and suggestive.


Guest percussionist Tomás Jr Jimeno will play live drums during the whole workshop. He has played in Conjunto Folclórico Nacional, Yoruba Andabo, Clave y Guaguancó and Muñequitos de Matanzas among others. An extremely prestigious CV…  Here in Sweden he was the leader of the group Obbara Iré, plus he has played at numerous festivals throughout Europe.

Euro Rumba Ashé is always playing at Rieback Dance workshops. This weekend Juan Carlos Sierra Hernandez and Chiqui Dixon will play for us.

Photo: TimbaParaTi. YOYO dancing Shango.

Click here for reservation and we will confirm by email as soon as your payment is placed. Plusgirokonto: 788073-5 payment to AB C RIEBACK. Final day for payment: Friday 21 April

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