Yorgenis Danger García 17-19 June 2022


Our faithful guide to the Afro-Cuban world, Yorgenis “Yoyo” Danger García, https://www.facebook.com/yorgenis.d.garcia is blessing us with his presence once again! As usual we warm up with some salsa con afro Friday night, getting ready to dive into the Yoruba culture on Saturday:

SHANGO – A king and a leader, proud and dominant. He represents male beauty, virility and masculinity. He is the master of fire, thunder and lightning and war, but also music, drumming and dancing. His colours are red and white and his attribute a two-edged axe.

YEMAYA – mistress of the sea, serious and powerful. Her dance represents the movements of the ocean, from calm and tranquil to huge waves hitting against the rocks. She is also the great mother figure, mother to all living things and her character is nurturing and protective. Her colours are different shades of blue with white and silver. 

OSHUN – Mistress of all rivers and sweet waters. Her colours are yellow and gold. Her nature is seductive and sensual and she represents love, joy and sexuality. Her main attribute is a fan and she loves honey, which she uses to attract and seduce, together with her captivating laughter. But don’t be mistaken, she is a powerful orisha and can be vindictive when crossed!

Paintings: Martin Ehrling https://www.facebook.com/martin.ehrling.98

Sunday we start with columbia and then move on to Arará, an Afro-Cuban ethnoreligious group descending from the old Dahomey kingdom, dancing Mase and Jebioso (the equivalents to Oshún and Shangó in arará).

Live drum music with Euro Rumba Ashé https://www.facebook.com/eurorumbaasheoficial 

Join us for a great Afro-Cuban weekend with an extraordinarily talented, knowledgeable and inspiring dancer and teacher!

Friday’s class will be held at Flamenco Center, Torsgatan 8A and Saturday’s and Sunday’s classes at Konradsbergshallen Campus Konradsberg, Konradsbergsgatan 2B.

Saturday we plan to have a “peña de rumba” and party! More info coming soon!

Friday 17 June

18.00-19.30 Salsa con afro

Saturday 18 June 

11.00-15.00 Yoruba – Shango, Yemayá, Oshun


11.00-12.10 Rumba – Columbia

12.20-14.00: Arará Mase and Jebioso