Héctor Oviedo 24-25 February 2018

Héctor Oviedo –

24-25 February 2018

It is our great privilege to welcome back the renowned Héctor Oviedo to Stockholm!

With patience, humour and inexhaustible energy he will share his great knowledge and joy of dancing with us!

Saturday we will have two hours of rumba, the soul of Cuba and part of Unesco’s world cultural heritage, both guaguancó and columbia – in which Héctor excels! We finish the Saturday classes with gagá, an Afro-Haitian, festive and very energetic dance!

Sunday we dedicate to the orishas Oshún, Yemayá and Changó from the Yoruba religion. To deepen and expand our knowledge we will start each class with singing the different chants belonging to that specific orisha. See schedule below!


As always, live music by our fantastic percussionists from Euro Rumba Ashé – oficial. Follow us on Facebook


Saturday 24 February:
12.00-12.50  Rumba – guaguancó
Level: everyone

13.00-13.50   Rumba – columbia
Level: everyone

14.00-15.00   Gagá
Level: everyone

Sunday 25 February:
12.00-13.00   Oshún
Level: intermediate

13.15-14.15   Yemayá
Level: intermediate

14.30-15.30   Changó
Level: intermediate

Take a look at what we did!:

Watch Héctor dancing columbia – a true maestro!