Madeline Rodríguez April 2018

Madeline Rodríguez
14-15 April 2018

Foto: Madeline Rodriguez

We are extremely happy to welcome back the wonderful Madeline Rodríquez to Stockholm and repeat the success from November last year! Below you can get a taste of what we did then.

Madeline’s great knowledge and enthusiasm along with her enchanting personality and inexhaustible energy will give you a truly rewarding dancing and learning experience!

Saturday we start with the yoruba orisha (deity) Elegguá who opens the doors into the Afro-Cuban world for us. The next two hours we dedicate to rumba, the soul of Cuba and part of Unesco’s world cultural heritage. We do both guaguancó and columbia –  Madeline is one the female teachers who dance a mean columbia! Just watch the video and you’ll see!

Sunday we dance two orishas, Oggún and Yemayá,  focusing on technique as well as musicality and expression. We finish the day with palo – powerful, energetic and  expressive! See schedule below.


Live music by our fantastic percussionists from Euro Rumba Ashé – oficial!

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12.00-13.00 Elegguá
Level: everyone

13.15-14.15   Guaguancó
Level: everyone

14.30-15.30   Columbia
Level: everyone

Sunday 15 April:
12.00-13.00   Oggún
Level: intermediate

13.15-14.15   Yemayá
Level: intermediate

14.30-15.30   Palo
Level: intermediate

Payment deadline 6 April:
SWISH +46 704164599
Plusgiro: 78 80 73-5 
(recipient: AB C Rieback. Don’t forget to write your name. Or we cannot guarantee your booking).
Overseas payment, please contact Charlotte Rieback:

Foto: Madeline Rodríguez


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